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Senior is committed to provide easy solutions to an otherwise complicated process. Using the Internet as a source for information on financial professionals, seniors and their representatives can now learn about life insurance settlements and the companies behind the service. Our 18 years in the settlement industry have given us the reputation and clout to respond to this growing demand. As an affiliate of a larger group of companies, we have a virtually unlimited source of funds for all your settlement needs.Our parent, Individual Benefits is among the largest and unquestionably the most customer service oriented company of its kind in the nation.

Since 1992 , Individual Benefits has had an impeccable record of excellence in customer service in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Today more than ever, it is important to know whom to trust.

As an independent financial resource we offer you substantial advantages. First, we negotiate the highest possible settlement through our financing partners. As you can imagine, they are more concerned about their returns than they are about your personal situation. Our counselors understand the strengths and weaknesses of each entity and we use that knowledge to secure the best terms possible for the sale of your policy.

Second, we are committed to overcome any complication that may arise and complete every transaction to your satisfaction. Some polices need an experienced counselor to prepare them for a life settlement. Survivorship policies, term polices and group policies present challenges that require time and persistence to resolve. We have a long-standing reputation of taking difficult cases to their completion.

Our company is committed to you for one simple reason: we know that our strength lies in the quality of our service. We realize that each client has individual needs, as do their loved ones. That's why we promise to treat you with the same integrity, compassion and skill as if your situation were our own. At Senior you can expect to be treated as both a client and a friend.

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