Arriving at retirement age requires seniors to look into their financial matters once again. Click Here for more info.
Click Here for the steps to obtaining a senior settlement are very simple and at no cost or obligation to you.
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The steps to obtaining a senior settlement are very simple and at no cost or obligation to you.

1. Contact Us: Find out if you qualify for a senior settlement by completing and submitting the pre-qualification form.

Or if you prefer, you may call us at
800-800-3264 to personally speak to a counselor. Based on the information you provide, our experienced counselors can inform you if you may qualify for a senior settlement.

2. Complete an application: At your request, we will mail out an application packet, containing a short application, as well as authorizations to gather the necessary information to get you an offer for your policy. Or if you prefer, you may request an application. Upon receipt of your completed application, we'll obtain your medical records and additional pertinent information from your physician(s). We'll also review and verify your insurance information with your insurance company. Once all information has been gathered, we will find the highest dollar amount offer possible for your policy.

Your counselor will keep you informed of the progress of your application and will be available at any time to answer all questions that you may have during this process.

3. The Settlement Process:
As offers are collected for your policy, your counselor will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you will make an informed decision. We will advise you of each and every offer we receive on your policy as well as counsel you on your possible options and answer all your questions. Once you've decided to accept an offer, we will facilitate the closing process and keep you updated until you have received your funds. We promise to work on your behalf until the transaction has been closed to your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, please remember that you are never under any obligation to accept any offer and the entire process is always at no cost to you.
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